A Guide Through London

The major ones are Heathrow and Gatwick. Stansted’s probably the third. That one is really popular with budget carriers like Ryanair. Heathrow is kinda the closest to the city. British Airways is the major carrier there.

It’s about 20%. And yes, they do have a tax back scheme, though you won’t get all of it back. The fourth thing to know before you get to London is about getting into London. Chances are you’ll either be flying or taking the train. We’ll talk about flying first and the train second. If you’re flying in, there are six airports into London.

They operate 40% of the flights. If you’re coming into Heathrow, the quickest way in the city is to take the Heathrow Express that goes every 15 minutes. It takes 15 minutes from Heathrow into the city. And it’ll cost you 22 pounds. If you take a taxi from Heathrow, it might take an hour and cost between 55 and 65 pounds.

Gatwick, a little further out. It’s also got a train that comes into the city. Stansted, train’s gonna be your best bet.

Trains from Stansted take an hour. A taxi would cost a fortune, so just don’t do it. Also, if you’re taking a train into London, well, there’s basically one major train that comes in from Europe. It’s the Eurostar train. It comes from Paris and Brussels.

It’ll bring you into St Pancras station. Those train fares can vary pretty wildly. Make sure to book ahead of time for the cheapest fares.

And avoid coming into London on Friday evening or Sunday. Those are the busiest travel days to come into the city. Finally, getting in, don’t drive.

Don’t do it. Traffic in London, parking in London’s expensive. It is not worth it, so don’t bother bringing your car here. Just take public transportation.

Speaking of public transportation, that’s the fifth thing to know before you go to London, about how to get around London. And simply put, it’s all about the Tube, or the London Underground. Right there, a London Underground station. They don’t call it a subway. It is the London Underground.

A subway is a pedestrian underpass. The first thing you’re gonna wanna do when you get to London if you don’t already have one is buy an Oyster card. The Oyster card is the stored-value card for London. You can pick ’em up at any subway station, not subway. See, that’s me, New York City subway, I’m used to that.

You can pick it up at any Tube or Underground station. They’ve got vending machines that sell them. The Tube will take you almost everywhere you want to go.

If it doesn’t, the double-decker buses are awesome, and they go a lotta great places, too. If you’re riding the Tube, you’ll tap in to get in, you’ll tap out to get out. If you’re riding the bus, you only tap when you get on. If you wanna know more about riding the Tube, I’ve got a whole separate video on how to ride the London Underground.