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Author: Herminia Wells

Guts: the most interesting characters in manga/anime.

Guts, a character whose last cannon smile was in fucking 1998 is a notoriously famous and critically acclaimed character in the realm of Japanese fiction, also known as the black swordsman. No, not that one fuck off he’s the main character and protagonist of kentaro Mira’s berserk. We followed him since the literal moment he […]

Poker: Basic Strategy

Welcome back everyone. This is going to be the first class we’re actually talking about poker strategy and free slots south africa so this should be pretty exciting. The first thing we’re going to learn about is position, and this is only three slides long. So positions have different names. They’re put in two different […]

Grannys NEW Escape Endings

Today I was thinking instead of playing with Granny Why don’t we play on practice mode ’cause there’s actually some questions that I have and I’m gonna turn on extra locks just to kind of figure out those extra lock Situations see if there’s anything new I don’t think there is but we’re just gonna […]

How To Get Into The "Slot" Like The Pros

A lot of golfers are being told you have to externally rotate your shoulder to get the club into the slot. Well, I work with some players that are older, and I actually have a Mini Tour player, who struggle with getting that kind of range of motion in their shoulder. So, if you get […]

ICONIC Esports Moments: OG’s Miraculous Win at TI8

Betrayal cuts deep. Losing hurts, especially when you lose on the biggest stage your game has to offer, when you lose in front of everyone, when you lose to the underdogs. But there’s something worse than losing. There’s nothing more painful than being betrayed. Seeing someone you considered a friend turn against you, turn against […]

Is 8GB of RAM Enough In 2018?

The original inspiration for this video came when Alex craftily turned the Surface laptop he’d just finished writing the review for into his daily driver, and realized that our model, unfortunately only has 8GB of RAM, with no way to upgrade it. But does that matter? Well, the commonly held wisdom for years has been […]

A Guide Through London

The major ones are Heathrow and Gatwick. Stansted’s probably the third. That one is really popular with budget carriers like Ryanair. Heathrow is kinda the closest to the city. British Airways is the major carrier there. It’s about 20%. And yes, they do have a tax back scheme, though you won’t get all of it […]

NFL Predictions & Betting Tips

Hi guys this is Vernon Croy for Saturday September 15, 2008 from docs sports I’ll get to your free college. Football pick for week, 3 in just a moment. First of all make sure that you do yourself and your bankroll favor subscribe to my youtube channel right now. I’M currently on a 61 and […]

London Travel Tips

We are gonna be telling you everything you need to know to visit London, the capital of Great Britain. Number one, we’re gonna start with some general things about London. The greater London area has 8.8 million residents spread over 33 boroughs. There’s one of the boroughs called the City of London. It’s the old […]

IPL betting 2018: Using Duckworth Lewis for 1st Inning Totals

Kolkata are 123 for three after twelve point three overs. So what I’m going to do here is apply the dogwood Lewis calculator. So the URL for this is in the description below the video. So I’m just saying I’m sending a target of 200. That number doesn’t matter and okay, it’s twelve point. Four […]

Principles of Keno

One of the most useful strategies that are used by the more experienced players in a game of keno can pave way for the amateurs to be more accurate with the selection of numbers that are associated with birthdays, house or apartment numbers and plate numbers. Similar to other games of lottery, the numbers that […]

Enrolling in Slots Clubs

All experienced slots players give one consistent word of advice: “join the casino’s slots club”. Why? Primarily for all of the “comps”; when a player enrolls in a free membership in a slots club they are letting the casino record and track their activities. For doing this, players are amply rewarded. Most slots club memberships […]

Internet Gambling: A Risky Affair

As we hear the word ‘Gambling’ a traditional image of Casinos flash over our mind, but a new trend has come into being known as ‘Internet Gambling’. The business through this new trend has crossed billions of dollars per year However indefinites compass the legitimacy of internet gambling. While some States encourage the internet gambling […]

How To Find The Best Free Slots Online

Most people who have not yet gambled online fail to do so simply because they do not know what the experience will be like and the idea of risking hard earned money on something that is unknown is not really appealing to anyone. Think of it this way, you would not buy a car without […]

Finding The Perfect Slot Machines Online

Slot machines have become the gambler’s favorite choice when it comes to gaming online. The choices available to even the most average of gambler are so vast it is not hard to understand why so many gambling enthusiasts have turned to the internet to get their gaming fix. From old school one-armed bandits that you […]

Tips on How to Win at Roulette

The professionals of online roulette are made continuously the same questions about the online casinos which enter. These questions tend to be generally on the following item: It is vital that any strategy or trick to achieve better profits in the game of roulette? The answer is always yes, because to achieve success in roulette […]

The Best Roulette Betting Strategies

Every day there is a greater number of users entering an online casino gambling to perform and entertain in style. One of the online games that is most striking is the roulette. For this reason in the following article we will give some tips about the game of chance, so that players can minimize errors […]

Learn Roulette Game Basics to Win Money

Roulette is one of casino entertainment that is most popular in the world. This is one of the most fabulous gaming up to now. Lots of users come every day around the tables of roulette games, so you can enjoy big and win good prizes. Technological progress has provided its fair share when it comes […]

A Few Tips For Players To Take To The Betting Table

Whether you are betting online or going to your neighborhood casino, the game of wagering takes a lot of strategizing and making sure that you understand a few basic concepts. If you plan on going into sports betting without any prior knowledge or understanding of these concepts, you are going to find yourself looking at […]

Managing Your NFL Betting Money

If you already spend your time watching NFL games, then it seems like a good idea to turn your hobby into something productive. This is why I started betting on NFL games. I thought it would be awesome to watch football and make money. I was partly right. I was having a great time viewing […]