Enrolling in Slots Clubs

All experienced slots players give one consistent word of advice: “join the casino’s slots club”. Why? Primarily for all of the “comps”; when a player enrolls in a free membership in a slots club they are letting the casino record and track their activities. For doing this, players are amply rewarded.

Most slots club memberships come with a card that is slid into a slot machine each time a member plays. This records the amounts played, won and lost, and triggers all sorts of activities on the part of the casino.

Depending upon the amount of visits they make, money they spend (and lose) and the kinds of machines they choose, a player can receive free games, meals, beverages or even work their way up to “big ticket” items such as airfare, hotel stays or tickets to popular shows at the casino or in an area nearby.

Currently there are three kinds of slots clubs: free, paid and online. Free memberships are an absolute must, they cost a player nothing and they bring only rewards. They also provide a great deal of information, since most casinos will put the mailing and email addresses of their members into their own data bases and mailing lists. This means any special bonuses; events or information will always reach an interested player.

Free memberships and the comps they bring can actually make the difference between a successful and a losing experience at the casino. Some memberships will comp a player free drinks, so for the price of a few tips to the waitress a player can have a relaxing slots experience and “win” the free beverages.

Memberships that require payment should be seriously considered. Most ask for a monthly membership payment and can range from five dollars per month to one hundred dollars per month. Paying a large amount to play at the casinos may not sound very logical, but if a slot machine player is visiting the casino often, participates in tournaments, or likes to play the progressive jackpot slots games, a membership may pay off. Usually casinos issue bigger, standard “comps” to paid membership members – such as free drinks or meals at certain times.

Online slots clubs work exactly the same as “live” casino slots clubs, with the exception that the “comps” are traditionally free games, credits or other online rewards. There are free and paid memberships for the online slots clubs as well and a player should consider their options. If a slots enthusiast is going to play on a regular basis, a paid membership may have some excellent bonuses, but if they only log on once or twice a month they might be better advised to save the membership money for the slot machines.

Online memberships may be a requirement however, especially for tournament play and progressive jackpots, so any player who wants to participate in such events and games should evaluate the value of the membership versus their potential winnings.

Generally all free or low-cost memberships will yield an active player an excellent set of returns.