Grannys NEW Escape Endings

Today I was thinking instead of playing with Granny Why don’t we play on practice mode ’cause there’s actually some questions that I have and I’m gonna turn on extra locks just to kind of figure out those extra lock Situations see if there’s anything new I don’t think there is but we’re just gonna test it out I want to see what happens when you actually beat the game when granny’s not there because as we know granny went grocery shopping For her pet spider know we don’t actually know where granny went. But what happens when you actually win the game with free spins no deposit at Casinoslots NZ now keep in mind and play.

I am using the Knowles rep mod here I’m Gonna avoid actually using it but there are some little things that I want to test out one of the main things that I want To test out in addition to figuring out what happens when you beat the game on practice mode is what happens if you die Five times on practice mode normally granny will get you she’ll either cut off your head or feed you to her pet spider But in this case what happens if she’s not here, let’s go. Let’s double check that. She’s away I’ll be back soon I wish she would say that I wish like when you start practice mode you hear her say that and then she closes the door And locks like four thousand different locks. It’s just the sound of her locking the door for like 60 seconds I like the sound of that.

But what we need to do is get ourselves killed five times Can you go beyond five days? Can you go beyond six days? I don’t know. So I’m just gonna jump off of this ledge It’s many many times. Actually another thing that I didn’t even think about when we wake up on day two I’m pretty sure that the door is open.

It’s not locked Cuz if it was locked there would be no way for us to escape we would be trapped in this room Forever or at least until granny gets back from her grocery shopping Let’s see. We can open the door. So no concerns there But I seriously want to see if there’s any kind of like hidden Easter eggs by doing this kind of stuff on Practice mode because it’s unconventional Normally you have granny to worry about in this case. We don’t have to worry about granny at all So what actually happens to us if we kill ourselves?

Which is kind of a funny idea we’re like We’re strong and fighting to survive this terrible situation Where this old lady has trapped us inside of her house, and we’re doing everything that we can to escape She finally leaves. She leaves us alone. We no longer have to worry about getting hit with a bat And what do we decide to do? Jump off of the roof. I’m gonna call this the roof. I know this isn’t the roof, but it’s high enough To cause us to like crush our legs.

We’re basically shattering our legs into powder, which sounds real bad long-term Really really bad getting strawberry jam all over my screen. It’s not looking good I got a real bad limp – all right, here we go. Number five this this will do it Right, was it day fivers this day four?

Look. Let’s see what’s going on here day five the last day Okay, never mind. My math was just just a little off. It’s high level math Okay, you gotta spare me the critiques counting to five It’s tough tough stuff it did say that day five was the last day so what’s gonna happen here I have no idea but I’m kind of excited. I’m actually genuinely interested to see what happens here does granny come back That’s it Is that seriously it?

That’s all you’re great That was incredibly disappointing. I am yeah Disappointment this is my disappointed face. You’re looking at it.

Okay. Well, at least we know At least we know and knowing is half the battle, you know, the the more You know didn’t ending day the the star the rainbow star anyways moving along Okay. So this time we’re gonna change things up I actually I wonder do you think it changes it if you get killed by the spider? Like on the last day. Maybe that’s something that will test after we get out of granny’s house But let’s first focus on escaping Granny’s house on practice mode to see what happens and maybe we’ll do both We’ll do the the regular door and we’ll also do the car escape cuz it’s worth testing It’s one of those things that I’m just I’m really interested in You know when you escape her house using the car when she’s home. She’s standing behind you.

She’s got her bat She’s like, I know I let them go. So, what does she do in this situation since she’s not here? We have to see if the developers thought of that.

So I got the weapon key out of the car It’s not a huge thing that we necessarily need because we don’t have to worry about granny But at the very least we can knock down the screwdriver. It’s crazy how much this game has changed over time I remember the first time I played it which was back in February. It was either January or February Never expected it to become the sensation that it has become at this point in time But the puzzles were like way easier there was so many less steps to everything now It’s it’s gotten really complicated.

Now. There’s multiple ways to escape her house. It’s really cool It’s it’s cool to see a game change over time like this I like how the developers kind of keep iterating on their ideas and they do it pretty Consistently too like they come out with a new update. I would say every one to two months, which is actually really impressive Alright, so we got the safe key inside of our little cubbyhole here.

So, let’s see what’s inside of the safe We’re gonna focus on opening the front door this time though, and then next time we’ll focus on fixing the car Well, that’s not gonna do me much good is it I don’t want the car battery. We’re not fixing the car today So that was basically a waste of time we didn’t have to do that We didn’t have to knock the screwdriver down. We didn’t have to get the safe key We didn’t have to open the safe and find the car battery because we don’t care about the car right now I mean technically I guess I could just cheat my way through it But I feel like this is good practice. And this is kind of the point of practice mode is To practice in case you were wondering you know what that word actually means Obviously it’s for practicing but you get my point if I just cheat my way through practice mode How’s that gonna make me any better at this game.

All right, let’s check out the bathroom See if anything is in here doesn’t look like it did I already come in here know? How why is the door open though? Maybe I did I don’t know I’m losing my mind. I tend to do that quite a bit the watermelon. We did see the watermelon, right?

Yeah. Hello We’ll take you into the backyard chop you in half. Let’s just check these cabinets here real quick I’m not sure if we’re gonna have to deal with the spider So if we can find meat for the spider, that’s not necessarily a bad thing Wow. There is nothing in this kitchen Hey, there’s a cogwheel in there how hilarious would it be if there was meat inside of the watermelon now? That would be super bizarre.

I want a watermelon. That’s full of steak All right, we got the master key so that is definitely something that we need I’m glad we found it Is there anything in the shed Oh Meat. Okay, so we can deal with the spider upstairs, but actually we haven’t actually found the special key yet So we still need to find that I did find all the pieces of the shotgun So I guess even if we didn’t have the meat we could still shoot the spider Which I actually really enjoyed doing Because the spider is mean and I don’t like it and let’s be real the spider doesn’t like me either. So it’s a mutual Feeling for each other.

All right, the wire cutters are over here, but we should check this room here real quick. Just see if anything The wrench we don’t need that but we can definitely use the wire cutters. So let’s take these upstairs and I don’t remember what was actually Behind the fan upstairs.

Was it a cog? It may have been a cog. Yeah. It’s definitely a cog wheel All right. So we’ll go ahead do that and then get me out of this jail cell.

I don’t like it here, please Let me out like I’m claustrophobic. Okay. Thank you Throw this down. Nope. That didn’t work. There we go much better All right, let’s do the same thing with the COG wheel here throw that down the hole perfect So I think we should do a little bit more exploring.

Ooh, actually you check these drawers here real quick Okay, let’s do a little bit more exploring of the secret area over here. We haven’t checked the teddie room Let’s see if anything. Yep. Okay. We’ve got the winch handle for the well, let’s just double-check that There’s not anything in there with Teddy. Okay looks good.

Check these drawers here real quick. Nothing in there Check the meat closet, of course, nothing in the meat closet I still wish that we could take this meat and give it to the spider but spiders apparently don’t like that kind of meat They like people and I’m pretty sure that’s not a big old slab of a person pretty sure that’s cow at least I hope it is. All right, there’s the special key So we’ll come back for you and let’s head outside and see what’s inside of the well, what could be inside uh-oh You know what? It’s probably the playhouse key. Maybe I could be wrong. I could actually be very wrong Let’s see That is definitely not the Playhouse key that is a piece of the engine which we do not need get out of my life Oh, I totally forgot about this.

We turn on extra locks. So we’re gonna have to take care of that as well. Well, We can grab this meat Although we can’t take it all the way upstairs yet because we still have to open up the special room So I’m just gonna drop the meat right there grab the special key and take it all the way upstairs Ooh, we found the code that’s good. We’ll come back for that Just make a mental note padlock code is in the basement. All right, let’s drop this in here open. There we go Now we need to go all the way back downstairs and grab the meat the human meat Mmm, that’s some good people right there.

Okay. Hopefully I can pull this off. I just need to put this on the plate Boom, there you go. Whoa Jews hungry who’s a hungry little spider?

Okay, get the heck out of here. What is in here? Go go go go.

Go. Go go go faster. I don’t know how long no, I Got stuck on the railing of the staircase and got bit by a Giant tarantula I don’t I don’t like that Alright, well, hopefully I can pick up the Playhouse key without getting attacked by a giant spider again. I want you to know that spider Spider I want to talk to you right now Okay, I want you to know that instead of shooting you with a shotgun I gave you a slab of meat and this is how you repaid me. So guess what’s gonna happen next time? Oh, yeah, you’re getting shot.

Alright, I’m leaving now. I’m out of here Hopefully he heard me alright get into the Playhouse and then we have both of the cogs already a 1 cog is right There. Alright grab that guy take it back to the Playhouse and OOP, there you go And then the other one should be sitting right next to the front door because I threw it down there and there you walked There was two cog wheels there for a second the master key looked like the red cog wheel for just a second There’s cat throwing me off.

We’re okay. Everything’s okay. No, I’ve not been drinking. How dare you accuse me of that There we go. Grab the padlock key.

Yes. We need this. So we are gonna have to take care of this situation over here We need the screwdriver and I think the wire cutters no, no No, it’s just a lever that you have to pull so we just need the screwdriver So let’s take care of this like so drop that what did I do? With the wire cut.

Oh, I threw them down. That’s right. I’m so smart. I don’t even remember my own actions Also, we need to find this battery chute. I have no idea where that would be.

All right Well, let’s at least take care of this situation over here Okay, and then we can grab the screwdriver which should be down here. I don’t see why would it be? Hey screwdriver come with me. If you want to live.

Can I just plop this car battery into the door? Would that work? Probably not granny needs to go grocery shopping more often because this is way easier. All right, let’s see. Can we Yes, we can.

Okay, just pull the lever easy enough don’t need the screwdriver anymore The only thing that we really need to find at this point, is that battery? Which I have not seen anywhere and I honestly have no idea where it would be but we just got to do our due diligence And keep on searching just double-checking these cabinets again. I don’t think there was anything in here the watermelon was in there We also need to take care of the padlock code which is right down here See, I remembered that one.

Not too shabby boom done with that Okay, if you were a battery for a lock on a door, which is a weird thing Where would you hide I have no idea. I feel like I’ve searched everywhere So the only explanation is that I just completely looked past it toilet battery. Nope No, toilet batteries. Not today bathtub battery not gonna happen. Could it be in the room behind the bookshelf? I don’t think so again.

I don’t think they hide stuff inside of here because it’s actually just an easter egg Yeah, nope, nothing there check these drawers again No, nothing. Could it be? Somewhere upstairs with spider-man again. Like is there another spot for something to be hiding up here?

Honestly doesn’t look like it Yeah, I don’t see anything up here. So I really don’t think it’s up here double check this area Make sure we’ve got the gas tank over here, but that is certainly not a battery for a door. So I’m gonna throw you Don’t blow up.

Please don’t blow up. That’s another thing that I actually want to test. Can you blow yourself up? We know we can blow up the gas can but if we shoot it while we’re standing right next to it Will it hurt us? I think I might have to test that battery. Oh my gosh, you were hiding up here.

Okay Well, I’m glad we found it. So let’s get the heck out of here plop this guy right there Okay, we’re done. But before we leave let’s let’s just test this out.

Let’s give ourselves the shotgun Can I do that doesn’t look like I actually can just give myself to shotgun So I guess I’m gonna have to build the shotgun the old-fashioned way, which is okay. We know where all the pieces are Let me do that real quick And then let’s try to blow ourselves up because why not when granny’s away the kids will play with shotguns Okay, I have the shotgun. It is fully loaded.

I have the gas tank. I am literally standing on top of it Let’s blow it up Okay Bad idea But at least we know don’t stand on gas cans and shoot them with shotguns Hopefully you guys already knew that but now you know for sure You’re welcome. All right, let’s get out granny’s house. Let’s see if we are presented with any kind of new ending I asked for anything what’s gonna happen? Let’s go Of what but what Interesting that is actually really interesting good job You managed to escape from granny’s house if you feel ready try again, but this time when granny is home winky face I like that. I like that.

It’s almost like granny. You’re you’re long gone granny came home, and she noticed that her doors open She’s got all her groceries, you know, she’s lugging in all of her groceries. Can you help me with my groceries? No, we’re gone We’re out of here. We’re out of here lady.

I don’t want to get fed to your pet spider. All right, so back off Okay, so that’s actually super cool. Let’s do it again But this time let’s get out using the car Now this time I am gonna cheat a little bit because it’s faster Unfortunately, you can’t actually spawn all of the items that you need for the car.

At least not yet You can only spawn items that are used for the door. So technically I probably should have reversed this whole situation. Whatever is fine We need that gas tank up there. You know, what I’ll do is I will just spawn the weapon key for myself So weapon key. There you go.

Give me the weapon key I’m gonna turn off the Noles rep mod, but I am gonna keep the weapon or the item spawner open Let’s grab ourselves a crossbow so that we can get the gas tank and then I guess we can figure out what what’s inside of The little cubby that we get the screwdriver from so hopefully this doesn’t blow up. I don’t think it will but you never know Okay, we’re good grab the screwdriver and let’s go downstairs and check out the little cubby. What is in Here safe key playhouse key interesting. I don’t know if we need this or not to be honest with you We do need the padlock key cuz we need that to open up the garage. So at least we got that going for us So this cog wheel was already outside.

So I figured let’s just drop it in here. Oh that is interesting. So, uh, The car battery was just sitting there Inside of the Playhouse.

So technically we did need the Playhouse key now I don’t know if we need to get the other cog wheel We’ll keep an eye out for it because we can’t actually spawn it but that is interesting that items Can just spawn inside of the Playhouse good to know actually, I’m just gonna check the glove compartment here real quick See if anything is in there. Nope. Nothing. All right, let’s drop this guy down there. Perfect And I guess since we’re right next to the safe Let’s spawn ourselves the safe key safe key.

There. You are. Hello. What’s in the safe the winch handle? Okay, let’s see. What’s inside the well watermelon, I Could have just spawned that but We went through the process so we can feel better about ourselves where we got padlock key Okay, so I mean technically we did need this again.

We could have just spawned it. But here we are we have it So let’s use it on the garage door. So we’re gonna go ahead and open up the garage door. So that’s taken care of What else? Oh we can spawn the car key, right? Yes, we can.

Okay. So let’s give ourselves the car key once again I know this is cheating But I just want to get this one done quickly because really all we’re after is the ending We already know we can fix the car. We just want to see what happens at the end.

All right, so what is Over here. Oh the engine part we need that and Is there nothing inside of there? Oh, you know what? We probably spawned whatever was inside of there we gave ourselves Whatever item was behind that fan so we don’t have to worry about that anymore Let’s go ahead and drop the engine part down the hole.

Come on you can do it There you go. All right. We’ll come back to that later. Let’s spawn the special key.

There you are All right, and let’s open this up and I think that the meat was right here. Yep. There you are We’re also looking for the spark plug that ends up being inside of the drawers a lot of times So I’m checking all the drawers as we make our way through here.

All right, let’s take care of spider-man here Give him a nice meal. There you go, buddy. Enjoy that I’m gonna grab whatever whatever is over here a spark plug perfect We need this good. Bye spider-man do not attack me. Good good spider obedient spider I like that. Let’s check the bathroom real quick.

I don’t think I actually came into the bathroom. Haven’t the door is still closed There’s nothing in here Okay so I think the only thing that we really need at this point is the wrench so we need to find the wrench filler up takes forever So scary when granny’s actually walking around and you have to do this takes too long. All right, drop the gas tank Remember don’t shoot it when you’re standing on top of it life lessons from kindly Keon. So I’ve looked For the wrench in all of the places that I normally find it and I don’t see it So I’m wondering if it might actually be in the little hidden cubby in the Playhouse So I found the other cog wheel.

Let’s go ahead and plot this where it belongs and Maybe there’s a wrench in there. That is not a wrench. That is a master key. I don’t need you You disappoint me and make me sad The microwave of course, that’s where I keep my wrench. All the time is inside of the microwave So we’re good. Let’s fix up the car and let’s get out of here.

Just gotta hit all these boop boop. Boop boop boop it’s always tricky precision is tough with a Tablet, you know, it’s not the same as using a controller or mouse and keyboard. Okay, we should be good Let’s grab the car key. Go ahead and close The hood and let’s get inside. Here we go start.

All right reverse Yeah Feel that power Here we go Smash. All right, we have to do this what two more times Yep. Okay.

I think this is it right here. Get me out of here. Let’s go boom and No, granny, of course Cuz she’s gone and we get the same message. Good job. You managed to escape from granny’s house.

She already try again But this time when granny is home and you get that nice little winky face, thank you. So there you have it myth busted What happens when you beat the game when granny’s gone? She’s just not there. I like how she shows up though in the regular ending in practice mode.

Like she’s like what happened? Why is my door open? I locked that like 40 times that door should not be open a little less eventful in the in the car Escape way she’s just not there which makes sense. But the most disappointing thing was dying in practice mode It just gives you a game over that’s it.

Nothing. I wish like the spider would get you or something I don’t know but guys that’s gonna do it for this episode of granny I hope you enjoyed it if you did it be sure to hit that like button and of course if you’d like to see more you can subscribe to my Channel by clicking on that little circle with my logo in it right below this window You can also watch more of my videos by clicking on the sides of the screen Thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next time!