How To Find The Best Free Slots Online

Most people who have not yet gambled online fail to do so simply because they do not know what the experience will be like and the idea of risking hard earned money on something that is unknown is not really appealing to anyone. Think of it this way, you would not buy a car without having first taken it for a test drive and inspected it fully. There is one option that you could try if you find yourself in this kind of situation, promotional bonuses. Every casino has bonuses of some description. And gaming reviews aggregators like MyCasinoIndex have thousands of online casino reviews and bonus deals.

Free Play Slots

Many of the online casinos now offer a free play best bonuses for new customers. These come in many different variations but in essence, the idea is that you will get the chance to experience the excitement of online slot machines without having to risk any of your own money. The most common form of free bonus is simply a free play casino. You get an amount of free credits that you can play to your heart’s content on any of the online slots the casino has available. If you run out of credits you simply go to the ‘virtual bank’ and top them back up.

Free Money

Some casinos work slightly differently. They will give you an amount of credits when you sign up that you can play with for the first hour. After this point, you will have one of two choices. In some cases, the casino will allow you to keep any winnings you make above a certain threshold and convert them into real money. Others will simply require you to deposit a minimum amount to continue playing. Either way, an hour of play is generally enough to decide if you like the casino or not.

First Deposit Bonus

Some casinos will not have a free play section per say but do offer a bonus for first time depositors. In general, you will find that the first deposit you put into an online casino will be matched by the casino for you to be able to play a little with their money rather than yours. If you play your cards right you could end up winning more than they give you and being able to withdraw whatever money you deposited, in effect giving you a free online casino experience.

So How Do You Decide

As with most things in life, a good decision takes some research and a little bit of time. You will find that many of the casinos that offer slot machines will advertise heavily on the internet. Take into account that this kind of advertising costs a lot of money so you can rely on the fact that the company itself is a serious one. You should always choose an online casino that is based in your country as trying to convert currency in your head as you are playing is one thing the novice gambler does not need to worry about. Other than that, sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.