Managing Your NFL Betting Money

If you already spend your time watching NFL games, then it seems like a good idea to turn your hobby into something productive. This is why I started betting on NFL games. I thought it would be awesome to watch football and make money. I was partly right. I was having a great time viewing the games, drinking a beer and watching the cash roll in. Then I started losing. I was not smart about handling my money and it cost me. It is important to manage your NFL betting money so you can have fun without going broke.

Decide how much you want to spend before you start betting. Consider how much money you can spare and how much you would like to put into betting. If you do not have an amount set aside, you will keep supplementing your betting money when you lose. It is more dangerous to add money when you are winning. You may want to make more money while you are on a hot streak, but one bad game will cost you more than you bargained for.

Do a little research when making bets. I liked to pick my favorite teams and avoid betting on rivals, but this is not a wise strategy. Making smart picks is an easy way to earn more cash usually. Do not always go with your gut, and remember there is no sure thing. Everyone hears this when gambling because it is true. I always have an urge to bet everything on the team I know cannot lose, but I am glad when I do not. Even an unbeatable team loses sometimes. I love watching those moments no one expected, but not when all my money’s riding on a “sure thing.”

Instead of a few big bets, make many smaller bets. The quickest way to lose the cash you set is aside is by betting it all on a few games. You are sure to lose a few times, so this strategy lets you be prepared for it.  Small bets make your money last longer and one loss does not make a huge impact. I make money when I spread my bets out and make many bets, and I normally lose money when I make one or two huge bets.

No matter what any NFL fan tells you, you cannot control the game. Sitting in your favorite chair or wearing your lucky jersey will not influence the game. Managing your NFL betting money is the only way to earn extra cash and have a good time.